Self Portraits are Not so Easy

Gregory asked for a photo, so he’ll see me when I call him on his new phone.  This is what I came up with.  How do people take such nice self-portraits?  I had such a hard time keeping the camera steady.  You’d think I was a drunkard.

Anyway, here they are…

Not bad if you like eucalyptus.

I’ve seen worse…

Many politically incorrect mutterings running through my brain about this one.  I do like that I can finally see the whole outfit.  Cute shoes.

Fingers over the flash?  Oy, where is a professional when I need one?  By the way, I’m trying to wave, so yes, I did intend for my hand to be that close.

Buddy, you’ll just have to take a photo of me, okay?  I think that would be best.

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  1. Greg’s avatar

    I’ll take a snapshot anytime :D

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