Early Garden

This past Sunday, I got up early and roamed the garden while the hubster slept.  I love doing this.  I love looking at all that is growing, and sometimes dying, and admiring the work of nearly twelve years.  I love that there is birdsong and the buzz of insects and hummingbirds, and evidence of things unseen, like snail trails, and paw prints, and empty spider webs.  While there remains much to do, as I have such grand plans, I am always energized by my work in the garden.  I love the meditative quality of pulling weeds, mowing grass, watering, planting, the ceaseless cycles.  They remind me of my own body, mind, and spirit, and how there is always more to do, see, and grow, and that the effort is always worthwhile and beautiful, no matter how challenging.

Atlantic Poppy

Symbiosis: No Ants, No Peonies.

Armeria – like miniature garden pompoms cheering grow,grow, grow!


Caramel Coral Bells

Sunlight through the birch.  I am looking forward to when it is TALL.

A mason bee has set up house!

Yellow Iris smells so very good.

Deer fern


  1. Lori’s avatar

    Your garden looks wonderful! How can you tell mason bees from others?

  2. Mom’s avatar

    Looks like things are on their way …. your garden always looks so pretty! We will try to get the garden soil dug in this Sunday…. snow and freezing temps have sidelined our schedule this week, but what can you do?

  3. Jessica’s avatar

    Oh, I am so envious! I planted my veggie and flower garden two weeks ago, just cheeky that I had gotten an early start… and then came the TWO late snows. I may have to start over!!!

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