Hail to the Garden!

Meet Wilbur, another one of my gnome friends.  He was hoping I would keep him company today as he trundled various twigs and bits of debris around the garden.  We had no such luck, however.  Every time I went to put my boots on, the rain would start, and sometimes, as in this case, the hail, too!

I tried three different times to no avail.  I guess Mother Nature thought I’d be better off indoors today.  It so happens she was right.  I am happily typing away after a big basement clean-up.  I put away the stray tools, cleaned up cat messes, filled three boxes with various bits and bobs for the Goodwill, and gathered a rather tall pile of all the remaining boxes that need to be cut and bound for the recycling bin.   Then I swept, vacuumed, and smiled contentedly at a job well done.

I love a productive day…


  1. Mom’s avatar

    Wilbur looks more ambitious than I ! The motivation for the garden work hasn’t hit me yet, but know it will soon be time to stir the earth and plant the seed. Perhaps in the meantime, Wilbur could pay me a visit.

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