Kinamand, the Oscars, and an Anniversary

Here’s another hodgepodge post for you, starting with a terrific Danish film, Kinamand.  It follows Keld, a man who can best be described as being in a rut.  He’s a plumber who doesn’t show up for appointments and a man who doesn’t show up for his marriage.  Frustrated by his apathy, his wife leaves him, which leaves Keld to dine at the Chinese restaurant across the street every day.  As he makes his way through the menu, he forges a friendship with the owner, Feng.  After a pipe bursts and Keld completes the necessary repairs, Feng takes him into his confidence and asks Keld if he would consider taking money to marry his sister (very pro-forma) so she can stay in the country.  Initially, Keld refuses, but when his wife asks for a financial settlement under the terms of their divorce, he sees this as an easy solution to his problem.  The two marry and move in together to keep up appearances.  What starts as tense and very pro-forma develops into a tender relationship between a very oddly matched pair, with a few surprises along the way.  Subtle and beautiful.

I am also very jazzed about the Oscars this weekend – the admiring of the dresses on the red carpet, the speeches, and the hosts.  I think Alec and Steve (written like I am intimate with them, oh, my friends Alec and Steve!) will be a fine combination, so I am guaranteed to be sitting in front of the television for many hours Sunday afternoon and evening.  I’ve even got a ballot printed and ready to take notes.  Do you?

As well, Sunday is the second anniversary of Under a Red Roof.  Two years, fancy that!  Maybe we’ll have a little cocktail while watching the Oscars to celebrate.  Thanks for reading!


  1. Mom’s avatar

    Happy Anniversary on two years of a wonderful, interesting, heartfelt myriad of information, topped only by your enthusiasm for putting it down in words. It has been such an enjoyable read , one I anxiously look forward to. Thank you, and here’s to many more! (It also has been a way of shortening the distance of miles between us. Miss you. Love you.)

    Enjoy the Awards… they always prove to be interesting and nothing short of entertaining. Baldwin and Martin…….. wow!

  2. Rena’s avatar

    Yup! We’ve got our ballots. Now here’s a dose of crazy: Jeff and I do two ballots each for the Oscars. One ballot is “who we think will win” and the other is “who we think SHOULD win”! (Ha!)

    Of course, we consider ourselves wiser than the academy. Therefore, the 2nd ballot is our arrogant selves dictating the winner for our personal satisfaction.

  3. Stacey S.’s avatar

    First, let me congratulate you on two years of blogging. That’s really an accomplishment. Kudos. I really enjoy your blog.
    Second, I just finished watching “Wonderfalls” the series that you’d recommended and loved it. It is so quirky and now I’m bummed that I won’t know what happened to Jaye and her entourage. I will have to pick this movie up, because it sounds just like the sort of thing that I will enjoy.
    Third, I too, am excited about the Oscars. It will be interesting to see how two hosts handle things. Unfortunately, I’ve only seen a handful of the movies, but I still enjoy the hullabaloo. Have a sunny weekend and know that we are out here reading your blog.

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