Nothing Fancy

Something that I love about the life I share with Greg is the fact that we are just happy to be together.  Maybe it is the fact that we’ve been a couple for eighteen years, but we realize that there is so little we truly need from each other.  We are each our own source of happiness and joy, modified by the fact there is someone truly wonderful to cuddle with each night in bed.

We have no grand expectations or idealized versions of what our life should look like.  What we have is what we want and relish, every last bit:  being in the same room, listening to music, watching a movie, sharing a smile, a laugh, or, in this case, a meal.

This was our Sunday dinner.  Neither of us has ever outgrown the fish fillets of our youth.  So we baked some up, and I made tartar sauce and rosemary (fresh from the garden!) home fries to accompany them.  It certainly wasn’t anything gourmet, but, with his company, it sure felt like it.  Every bite was delicious.  A real treat!

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    So happy that you have each other…. it makes my heart smile. Love you both.

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