Oh, yes, I want to say…

So many things happening here – summer, glorious summer, has arrived, and I’ve been enjoying it ever so much, silliness and heat and bright light with sunglasses, sprinkled with every manner of ripe, delicious fruit. I devour cherries by the pound with nectarine and cantaloupe chasers, a steady drip of succulent juice on my chin. And the plums will be here soon! The feeling of warmth, too, without layer upon layer of clothing is blissful, and that heavenly blue of the sky is what keeps me going through the long wet of winter and spring.

We’ve been reading a lot, nearing the home stretch on the first book of The Game of Thrones. We sit in the living room, and I draw and paint while he reads, sometimes slowly sipping a little whiskey or port. He needs no other distraction, happy to close his eyes, a cat on his lap, while I take my turn at the page. It all feels so homey and old-timey and special. It’s too bad the book isn’t as pleasant as the ritual. Drat, my friends, I am not terribly keen on keeping up with this story. I’ve tried, but it just isn’t my cuppa – far too much detail for this reader, of every kind. And I can’t help but feel that every character is a bit of a caricature, too. Oh well. So this one is it for me, and the hubster will fill me in on the rest, or perhaps we’ll get the television series off Netflix. Perhaps.

This photo demonstrates how impossibly adorable and spoiled our cats can be. Milo, as of late, loves to cuddle while I write. At first, he’s like a sack of potatoes over my left shoulder, purring and nudging my cheek, with me doing my best to type with one hand. When I decide he is too heavy, he squeezes behind me. Then, like Napoleon across Europe, he conquers the seat, until there is scarcely room for my own bottom, and he has to be exiled to St. Helena (also known as the hallway).

Finally, don’t be surprised if you don’t hear much from me over the next few weeks. I’m going to be out enjoying the weather a bit more, finishing some projects, generally letting the little man take hold of the world, if he is so inclined.

Happy Summer!