Outdoor Living Room

This past fall, I watched our neighbor’s dog Reggie while his humans, Pat and Kelly, were in Hawaii.  We had a grand time together.  Each morning and afternoon when I would arrive, he’d be sleeping in his dog bed, and I’d sit quietly on the floor next to him until he started to stir.  Then he’d run around the house like a puppy before I either fed him or took him for a walk around the neighborhood.

After this was done, I would sit on the back patio and read a book or magazine with Reggie either sleeping at my feet or with his head resting on my lap.  It was simply lovely.  In particular, I enjoyed how cozy it was outside, like I was in a living room, but able to feel the breeze on my cheek and smell the sweet scents of all the wonderful plants growing in the garden.

It was so pleasant that I decided then and there that I had to have a space like this at my house.  These photographs are the end result.  I am really pleased with it.  It was really a matter of furniture, as the potted plants (soon to be sweet smelling jasmine and bamboo) have been growing for ages.  We had one of the benches already, along with a round table and chairs, but the configuration just wasn’t right – no comfort, only awkwardness.  So, we gave said table and chairs to Reggie’s humans (we hardly used them) and bought another bench, two chairs, a side table, and coffee table (arriving in June) from a nice local furniture place.  We found the rug at Target along with the neat hurricane candle holder.  Which reminds me – has anyone seen citronella candles yet this season?  We’re going to need them!

Oh my goodness, it’s amazing how much more inviting it is.  Though the summery weather we’re enjoying certainly played a part in it, we’ve been outside every day and evening, sipping cool drinks, snacking, chatting, napping (the Hubster), reading magazines (me), and cuddling with the kitties.  The icing on the cake will be the cheery red cushions scheduled to arrive next week.  I love it!

p.s.  How handsome is my partner in crime?!


  1. Alan’s avatar

    Great space. That really looks nice.


  2. Mom’s avatar

    Your outdoor livingroom certainly does look inviting and the cushions will be the perfect touch. I think I have seen citronella candles at Big Lots and/or Target.

    Enjoy your new room!

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