Last night, until an hour much later than anticipated, the hubster and I attempted to hang the mirror over the sink, so I wouldn’t have to run all over the house to find the best light to put on moisturizer, make-up, or check my teeth for spinach.  We thought we were so clever, buying the Hercules hook with Billy Mays picture on the package from the internet, with expedited shipping because I didn’t want to wait another day to do my business in the bathroom mirror.  Sadly, we weren’t clever enough.  The hooks didn’t want to go in at first, and once they did, were not appropriate for this application.  So, instead of a mirror, we have two holes above the sink, waiting for the drywall hangers originally purchased for this purpose, which have since been misplaced.  It’s a comedy!

We do have a hand towel rack and a soap dish and a hook in the shower, however, so that’s something for you.

Also, no need to check your latest prescription on what I hope are some stylin’ spectacles, because, yes sir or ma’am, that tile is a little wonky.  Eighty year-old houses do not come square, but wavy, and with personality, like their crackers owner(s) {The hubster can add himself to the category, but I shall not speak for him in this case}.

Enjoy the long weekend!


  1. Mom’s avatar

    Even a little progress is better than none….we have wonky wavy walls, too!!

  2. Gregory’s avatar

    Wavy crackers. I would have to add myself to that category, it seems.

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