Angel Cards and Inspiration

I first saw Wayne Dyer on PBS when they were advertising for his special about The Power of Intention.  Something about the commercials really turned me off, so I didn’t watch the show or buy the book.

I guess it must have been a couple of years later when the show for his next book Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling came on the air.  Like the first time, I was resistant, making sure I kept away from PBS the first night it was aired.  However, rather surprisingly, when I turned on the television on a lazy Sunday afternoon and saw that it was on, I kept watching. 

I enjoyed what I heard.  Like the title, I actually felt inspired and a bit awed, expecially about the butterfly story (you’ll have to read it – I’m not spoiling it).  So, I told Gregory, “I think I might buy that book.  It sounds like it might be what I’m looking for in my life right now.”  He was less sure, but I tend to be the first in our household to jump on any sort of exercise or self-help bandwagon.

Here’s what convinced us both: 

Have you ever seen Angel Cards like the one above?  They are small, probably 1″x 2.5″, and have a word or phrase with a drawing of an angel (or angels) in some corresponding way. 

We first saw them at our naturopath’s office.  Each patient drew a card at the beginning of their visit for something to ponder in the waiting room.  We liked the idea of the cards, so Gregory bought us some (in French!  They’ve got them in many languages :).

In a strange coincidence, or maybe not, the card I drew on the Monday after viewing the program was Inspiration (insert weird sound effect here).  You bet your booty I bought that book at the first opportunity, and, of course, it changed my perspective about the world and my life in a very profound way.