A Whole Lotta Birds and a Rabbit

Lazuli Bunting

House Finch & Rufous Crowned Sparrow

Yellow Warbler

Bullocks Oriole

House Finch & Dove

White Crowned Sparrow

Robin & Spotted Towhee

Yellow Rumped Warbler

Scarlet Tanager

Common Yellowthroat


Green Tailed Towhee

Female American Goldfinch


I don’t know what special alchemy was afloat, but boy howdy, did we have the most wondrous migration season in the garden this year! Though I included some of our regulars (finch, robin, spotted towhee, chickadee, and dove), because we enjoy their company, too, I was astounded at all of our visitors. There were little flocks darting and singing and eating and bathing. What a joy!