Hi All! Damn. Pike’s Peak – Tabeguache to the original inhabitants – just gives and gives, doesn’t it? I love the clouds! The way they nestle in close, like friends and lovers nuzzling for a bit of sweet respite.

How have you been? All is well here, delightfully strolling along in our usual ways. Enjoying simple pleasures. I found more church records for my New Mexico roots; Greg got a new coat (in black) after the zipper in his last went kaput. Pockets, pockets, and more pockets! Cooking and baking galore, despite not having taken a photo in a while. We raked up the most gigantic pile of leaves last weekend under the sunniest of skies, and will again soon, which ought to be the end of them. The compost thanks us!

I could not be more pleased about the outcome of the election, especially that so VERY many people voted! The most in our nation’s history, which sure sent my heart singing. We care about this place, America! YAY us!

We’ll be keeping isolated for Thanksgiving, with the usual suspects on the dinner table. No surprise there, I think. A definite surprise for subscribers to the blog was the fact that I fixed a glitch which actually started sending reminders out again. I hadn’t noticed that it wasn’t working until someone new came along (Hi Bobbie!) and asked. Things slip by.

Stay well and healthy…