Coming Soon…

A new inner-scape…

Lots of rest…

Peace and beauty all around.

My surgery is on Tuesday.  Please think good thoughts!

Love and kisses –



  1. Mom’s avatar

    May the Sun
    bring you new energy by day

    may the Moon
    softly restore you by night

    may the Rain
    wash away your worries

    may the Breeze
    blow new strength into your being

    may you Walk
    gently through the world and know
    it’s Beauty all the days of your life

    Apache Blessing

    Love you, Sweetie Mom & Daddy

  2. Colleen’s avatar

    Lots and lots of positive thoughts coming your way :)

  3. Amber’s avatar

    Best, best, best wishes to you friend! Please take it easy and let Greg spoil you rotten, as I know he will. xoxo

  4. Alan’s avatar

    Our happy thoughts are with you. Call if you need any help.

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