Music, perspective, architecture, etc.  Embroider time, embroider space.

Joseph Joubert

I don’t normally add my own thoughts to the quotations, but this idea struck me so deeply that I felt compelled to put it down on paper (albeit figuratively).  Perhaps it is my profound love for music and architecture.  I am constantly inspired by the pleasing and sometimes discordant lines of objects, trees, and buildings, equally so by the sounds associated with them.  It need not be composed, either.  I love hearing the echo of footsteps in a long corridor, the sound of laughter, birdsong, or a whisper in a revered space.  I love that years later they resonate with me, sometimes a mere spark of a note, or a glimpse brings me to that spot embroidered on my heart so long ago.  The stitches may have faded and frayed beyond recognition, but something of it remains: one of the purest forms of pleasure.


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  1. Mom’s avatar

    Wow! I love what you’ve said here… it is so true and spoken so well. You continue to amaze me, darling daughter. Love You.

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