January 26, 1991.  What I thought was possibly the worst day of my life turned into the luckiest.  First, my car was literally blown off the road and into a ditch in a gale force wind on Highway 93 en route to Boulder, Colorado.  Second, I had to take a ride with strangers to actually get to Boulder, something I had never done before, nor have since.  I was terrified!   Are these people going to kill me?  Thankfully they didn’t.  Third, my sort-of boyfriend, upon my late arrival at my final destination of Fort Collins, instead of asking me if I was okay, demands, “Where’s my stuff?”  I had to leave it in my car that was in a ditch on the side of a road you #$&!  I would not speak to him again for another eight years.

Now that I had no plans to see the not-so-nice guy, I went to a hotel kegger with my friends.  There on the bed, I chatted with a very cute and sweet guy I had met once before.  When he got up to fill his beer, he asked me to save his seat.  I did.  We went out on our first date two weeks later, February 9, 1991.  Two years and a little over three months after that, we were married, May 29, 1993.  Today makes fifteen years – the absolute best of my life.

Sometimes, I can hardly believe it is true.   I look at him with amazement and pure joy every single day.  He’s with me!  He’s my absolute best friend, confidante, and partner in crime.  Our life together could not be more perfect, really it couldn’t.

Thank you wind, thank you strangers, thank you jerk!

I love you, Buddy.  Happy Anniversary!


  1. Bruce’s avatar

    Congratulations! 15 years, boy does the time pass fast. Make the best out of every day!

    My wife Nancy and I have been married 25 years as of April 22nd. There’s not many couples that can claim that milestone these days.

    Take care of yourselves and hope you had a verry happy anniversary!


  2. sarah’s avatar

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Colleen and Gregory!!!

  3. amber’s avatar

    Yay Colleen & Gregory! Happy Anniversary to you two!

    That story sounded much more comical in person last night… that must have been quite scary at the time!

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