Ghostly Preview


I asked my friend Michael (Hello!  Are you there?) once, “How long have you been married?” And lightning quick, he replied, in a very deadpan voice, I might add, “One day longer than forever.”  Whatever feeling Michael may have had about his marriage, I’m still not sure, but I can tell you, for certain, where my bathroom is concerned, this is not an expression of joy or exultation.  No siree Bob.

Thanks be to the plumbing gods that we have a second bathroom, or I would be one very unhappy camper.  Which reminds me, have you watched the Jim Gaffigan yet?  In one of the videos he talks about camping (watch here), or rather his distaste for it.  Bellyache funny.  I love him.  He’s weird.

Anyhoo, back to my bathroom woes.  It’s taking one day longer than forever.  We are at the almost phase.  Almosts hinging upon each other.  I’ll bet you didn’t even know this was possible.  I sure didn’t, but here goes:

The cabinets are almost finished – one more layer of paint.  The counter top is almost finished – they just need the cabinets to be done.  The window trim is almost installed – they just need the guys working on the cabinets and counter top to finish.  The tile is almost finished – they just need the windows and counter top to be done.

After they’re done, I’ll have some peace and a very long, skin pruning bath, and won’t have to worry if someone is going to drop by the house while I’m nekkid or in the middle of a yoga posture to do something I forgot, or something they forgot, at least until the new windows arrive in five weeks.

In the mean time, here’s what it looks like now.  Ghostly, yet pretty, too.

Have a marvelous weekend!



  1. Mom’s avatar

    Well, it is coming along… construction is always a pain, no matter what they say, double it!! Looks good so far…..

  2. Alan’s avatar

    Nice Picture – the bathroom is looking good. Be sure to celebrate the completion.

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