It’s Really Here!

We spent yesterday afternoon making the house festive, with holiday songs on the hi-fi, candles burning, and the sweet scent of pine and fir wafting about.  Tonight, the hubster and I will be spreading a little holiday cheer with cherished neighbors, and tomorrow I’ll be whooping it up with the ladies.  It’s that time of year…

I hope you and yours are enjoying this beautiful season!


  1. Mom’s avatar

    Things look so pretty… don’t you just love decorating for Christmas? I do!
    We’ll be touring the ‘hoods looking at lights this week. Wish you were here.

    Love you two,
    Mom & Daddy

  2. Martha’s avatar

    Lovely decorations.

    Alan and I toured some downtown hotels checking out decorations recently. We found the gorgeous Brown Palace tea room quite busy, with more than a few ladies whooping it up — but rather reservedly. Hope you’re whooping it up with a capital W. Merry Christmas to you both, kitties too.

  3. Greg’s avatar

    I love the ‘electricity free’ tradition.

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