If there is any truth to the superstition that ladybugs bring good luck, then our household is swimming in it.  Since we moved in nearly ten years ago, we’ve had thousands in our yard and hundreds in our house. 

There was a week last summer when they were particularly abundant.  There were swarms of them zooming around outside, even flying into us when we were out in the garden.  You’d think they had better vision than that, but I guess when there are that many of them, it makes it even harder to avoid humans moving about.  It kind of reminded me of The Jetsons when they would show all of the people flying around in their space cars.  Zoom! 

I am always delighted by their presence.  They never fail to cheer me up, particularly when they land on me.  This picture was taken this afternoon in our guest room, which I suppose is entirely appropriate because they are most welcome here.  I even bought the little glass ladybug to put in the window like a neon sign advertising our ladybug friendly status. 

Come on over – we like you little guys!

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  1. Gregory’s avatar

    I love the vibrancy of the colors in the photo.

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