Local Scene

patiently waiting
rabbit brush + bees galore!
tinest neighbor
green chile chicken stew + homemade tortillas

The light, the color, the feast for the eyes that is fall. It has been another banner year of and yellows, ambers, and apricots. How lucky I am to live where I do. In peace, in comfort, in relatively good health.

I say relative good health, because, while my surgery went swimmingly, and I’ve fully recovered, something new came up. After I took my tumble that temporarily wrecked my knee, I thought I may have hurt my hands. My palms were suddenly tender and lacked their full range of motion. Turns out, you can be a non-smoker, avid exerciser (walking, biking, yoga, weight lifting!), maintain a healthy weight, and still get arthritis (damn genetics). I am now learning to adapt different moves, so they aren’t painful and taking on new challenges to build more muscles to support aching bones. A new normal, but also a little depressing, so I’m going to loop around to the beautiful images end enjoy them. It’s the best I can do.