My girl is leaving on a jet plane…










Well, not really, but I didn’t have another, more appropriate picture, and the envelope doesn’t photograph terribly well.

Anyhoo, I’m sending my dear novel to a publisher today.  I let her rest a bit, then did some editing, and more editing, and she’s off, destination North Carolina.  Send good thoughts her way, won’t you?

This next bit is for my friend Jeff and the many others who want to know what the book is about.  Gregory calls it my elevator speech.  I’m headed to the top floor, how about you?

 Polite Society is a rather optimistic and unconventional portrait of the world and its possibilities via dreams, friendship, and sabotage.  The story centers on the intersection of four lives in a small Oregon town: Serena, her mother Caroline, her Nana Helen, and a widowed teacher named Sharon.

Following her parent’s divorce, Serena moved in with her Nana.  She has not seen her father for three long years, and her mother has shown little more than parental duty towards her for as long as she can remember.  When Bob Barker, of The Price is Right, begins making regular appearances in Serena’s dreams, she takes his words to heart, forging a new path, one that brings friendship and changes the course of her life and those around her.

If you like slightly quirky stories involving cool cars, life, and coping with its difficulties, this one is for you!   


  1. Cramer’s avatar

    That sounds great! I’m so excited for you! We ate at a nice Japanese diner last night and it reminded us of you and Greg. Were your ears buzzing?

  2. amber’s avatar

    Thinking great thoughts for your novel and her long cross-country trek! What an exciting time for you!

    Any idea how long it takes publishers to respond?

  3. sarah’s avatar

    You nailed it. Your elevator speech captures it all. I wish her well on the journey to North Carolina.

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