The Soft Parade

This is a little something that I bought from the Etsy seller Jennifer Morris Beads.  Don’t you love the pretty packaging?

Though all of her work is amazing, I could not take my eyes off this piece.  I love the bright blue and brassy combination, a little funky, very Colleen. Then I caught the name, rather serendipitously, it is called “Soft Parade,” also the name of a Doors album.  You may recall that I kind of like their music. That pretty much sealed the deal.

I had her make it into a brooch, and it is perfect.  My picture does it no justice, so I’ll try to wear it the next time I see you.  For now, here is a link to her picture of it.  Who knows, maybe you’ll find something for yourself while you are there.

Thank you Coveiter for pointing me in her direction!


  1. Kelli’s avatar

    Oooh, that is simply gorgeous. I’m off to check out her work! Thanks!

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