Afternoon, friends.  How are you this fine Wednesday?  I am well, and, I think, officially middle aged.  Is forty middle aged?  Or does the saying, “Fifty is the new forty” mean I’ve got ten more years?  Oh bother.  I’m forty, four-zero, shaken-not-stirred, straight-no-chaser (a la Thelonious Monk), with new wrinkles to prove it!  Seriously, I think the skin on my face lost a millimeter or two of elasticity in the last two weeks.  And here I thought I was Ms. Fancy Pants!

As I am not a super celebratory kind of gal, we had a yard sale on the big day, which was, now that I think about it, a bit of a party.  We chatted it up and had laughs with many neighbors, strangers, and friends.   The hubster and I shared high-fives and danced a couple of jiggety-jigs after getting rid of quite an accumulation of stuff we no longer needed, also freeing a rather large portion of our basement from a cumbersome burden.

This included nearly our entire CD collection (we’ve gone digital!), which, at times, made me a little misty-melancholy, as someone put a rather fine selection into their purchase pile and my mind traveled to places we’d been together: driving in my 1981 Toyota Celica listening to Joy Division, chilling on the sofa to Miles Davis, singing at the top of my voice to the Doors and Rolling Stones.  Ahh, nostalgia.

To to top it off, the peonies are blooming (hello Coral Charm!) and we partook of some Late Night Snack, the very yummy Jimmy Fallon flavor from Ben and Jerry’s.  Salty and sweet, creamy and crunchy, it is a perfect flavor and texture combination.  I expect nothing less from Mr. Fallon.

So, forty feels fine: older, wiser, sillier, more supple, yet obstinate, too.  How are you?


  1. Bruce Mac’s avatar

    Happy Happy Birth Birth Day Day!!! Too Too YOU YOU!! (is there an echo echo in there?)

    Sounds like you had a blast of a day, what a way to enjoy it.
    Give your hubster a hug & tell him Hi from Bruce. B^)

  2. Lori’s avatar

    Hey, happy birthday! I’m turning 40 in January too, glad to hear you lived thru it! If you change your mind about celebrating the milestone, we’d like to take you out for a cocktail!

  3. Jessica’s avatar

    …for some reason the “70” was dropped when I posted that comment. I need to lose 70 pounds!

  4. Jessica’s avatar

    Forty is in 18 months for me…so-
    I am going to lose pounds so I am “Fit at Forty”!
    I am currently down 14. I hope 40 is just the start of the better half of my life!!!

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