Our Funny Felines

They’re looking at each other.  Do you feel the love?

When we first got our cat Paris (14 1/2 years ago!), and her personality revealed itself (half fruit, half nuts), our vet recommended that we get another cat.  To be precise, she said a male kitten to help bring her out of her shell.  The vet being the professional, we admitted our ignorance and presumed she was absolutely correct.  So, at our first opportunity (a nice house and yard for everyone to live happily ever after), we got Milo, a tiny male kitten, just what the doctor ordered.

Eleven years later, despite his utterly adorable face, we are still paying the price.  Paris, Ms. Half Fruit Half Nuts has NEVER gotten over becoming a big sister to this oafish little man.  Moreover, Milo has never ceased to be confused (and riled, look at him – he’s not entirely innocent) by his big sister’s puzzling behavior.  Paris will initiate play, and the two will romp happily together for approximately one minute before we suspect this dialog occurs in the mind of our little princess, “Whoa!  Whoa!  What am I doing playing with this evil interloper?  He took away my lush life!”  Then the screaming begins.  This is no exaggeration either.  Paris screams, very LOUDLY, all because the vet said she needed a friend and her stupid humans believed this sorely mistaken person.   Bless her heart, what Paris really needed was a throne.

Oh, but they are cute, and cuddly, and our kitty cats.  I am grateful for them and all they bring into our lives, well, maybe except for the vomit and the dirty litter box!