Hopping on quickety-quick to say H E L L O !

If you reside on the Front Range of the great state of Colorado, I sincerely hope you weren’t blown to bits today. Good grief, what a fierce wind! We waited and waited to promenade our most precious pooch, and it was such a misery. We only made it one block. Better days ahead, but not tomorrow, so the weatherman says. Soon.

The photos were another quick dash in gorgeous afternoon light around the garden. The green is coming, and I could not be happier about it. If I had one complaint about my home state, it would shockingly not pertain to wind, but winter and spring brown-ness. We do have ample amounts, save in the verdant high country, so I must keep my eyes further afield so as not to lose my spirit. Blue skies and mountain vistas are, indeed, the answer.

Hoping it is lovely wherever you may be…