Hello there!  I thought I would show you our lovely reincarnated chairs.  I had some before pictures, but deleted them, so there is no dramatic reveal, I’m afraid.  Though you could say, Ty Pennington style, to “Move that cat!”  As you can see, Milo has set up camp on the yellow chairs.  As a matter of fact, he doesn’t quite know what to do when we actually take a turn on them.  The other night, we were sitting and happily chatting away, when he started to pace between us.  At first, we thought nothing of it, but then realized that we were on HIS chairs, and he didn’t know what to do about it.  We laughed and enjoyed a bit more pacing before Gregory moved.  Milo was on his vacated chair in an instant.  What can I say?  He really loves the fabric!

Unfortunately, he is loving the fabric on the grey chair too (which is in the bedroom), only in a rather destructive fashion while we are trying to sleep.  This however, does not serve him very well, as the consequence for that is spending the rest of the night in the chilly basement.  I wish he was capable of learning this.  Oh well.

So, here they are.  I am proud to have a successful reupholstering story.  Also, I forgot to mention that there is a little history here.  We bought the yellow chairs (formerly green) from a place called Old PDX Furniture on Hawthorne probably eight years ago.  The business wasn’t there for long, but, as it happens, the same woman who sold them to us is the one who just reupholstered them, and in a top notch fashion, I might add.  She’s done right at least twice!

If you’d like to have Erin work on your furniture, with eco-friendly fabric, she’d be happy to do it.  Her shop is called Acanthus.  We made our appointment before she made the change to eco-friendly fabrics, having purchased ours a while back, so I can’t say how expensive the fabrics are.  Her prices for the upholstering are right in line with others I was quoted around town and a whole lot less than buying brand new chairs.  She and her business partner are just plain nice, too.


  1. M’s avatar

    Hey, I like ’em! Looks like there may be competition with Milo to have a turn at sitting on them. Hmmm,we all like our favorite places……….

  2. Alan Cooper’s avatar

    The chairs look great!

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