Summer Road Trip 2024: E L V I S

I’m going to Graceland, Graceland – Memphis, Tennessee

We all will be received in Graceland. Yes, sir!

We made it, and good golly did I feel the weight of it!

Elvis lived and breathed and sang and laughed and mourned and died, RIGHT HERE.

What is most striking about the experience is the intimacy of it, like he just stepped away for a moment. This is brought home by the fact that some of his mother’s clothes are hanging in the closet, and the picture of Elvis as an adorable boy rests on his parents dresser. It is so deeply personal.

Minus the carpet, I had several friends with similar kitchens as a kid!

The Jungle Room

A whole lotta mirrors going on…

Elvis loved televisions! He had one in every room of the house.

Any other crafters agog at the amount of fabric in this room? 350-400 yards of it and a rather fine pool table, too.

Vernon’s Office

One room had a collection of items fans and others gave Elvis as gifts. The crafter in me found this needlepoint the coolest of them all.

Elvis said, if he hadn’t become an entertainer, he would have liked to be a cop. Evidenced by a collection of badges and patches he collected over the years, including this one from Colorado!

His chair and desk, with most excellent gadgetry, an actual phone book, and sweet photo of him with Lisa Marie.

Life size painting of the man, the legend. The likeness is quite fine!

This is the last piano he played, dying shortly after serenading a group of friends.

Across the street from the estate now, where the museum lies. The first room on the self-guided tour is of his cars! Eeek, so many goodies. 1956 Cadillac Eldorado.

1955 Cadillac Fleetwood

I really don’t know, but it sure looks fun.

1973 Stutz Blackhawk – I love the picture of him driving it in the background.

1976 Lincoln Mark IV

1962 Lincoln Continental and Scout II

He would sometimes put this light on his car and pretend he was an actual police officer!

He had quite the curious mind – the Bible, Khalil Gibran, and Seth Speaks!

When I was little, I wanted a cash register, a typewriter, and a telephone like the ones pictured above, preferably the turquoise blue (duh, right?). I only ever got the typewriter, which I LOVED. Some dreams do come true.

Small, like an early laptop.

Elvis liked guns and Robert Goulet. Maybe a little too much, because he felt inclined to shoot the television while he was on. That’s quite the hole!

Karate, Jerry. Karate…

Actually, I don’t really know what martial art this is, but hazard a guess that it is something Korean, based on the flag in the photo. I just love that episode of Seinfeld and seeing Elvis in his uniform.

I’m pretty sure this is the first record pressed for Elvis at Sun Studio!

His microphone!

Honoring Heartbreak Hotel, his first million selling record.

Clash fan that I am, the first thing I said upon seeing the Presley Family copy of his first record was, “London Calling!” I never knew it was in homage to Elvis. Props to them…

Gorgeous! How about that neck?!

I mean, seriously!

A fraction of the fabulous jumpsuits. The detail…

Just a few accolades…

The Mighty Mississippi! On to Oklahoma…