The ABC’s of Me

Available or single?

For friendship?  Absolutely!  Otherwise, I am reserved for my one and only, Gregory Cooper.

Best Friend?

The Hubster

Cake or Pie?

Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake or Cherry Pie

Drink of choice?

If this refers to alcoholic beverages, I would say whiskey for everyday (plain or fancified), port for sipping on a quiet evening, and something fizzy for summer, like a vinho verde, yum.

Essential item for every day use?

A flexible personality.

Favorite color?

Red for handbags and shoes.  Pink for flowers.


Why not?


Arvada, Colorado


Heavens to mergatroid, do I ever have a sweet tooth!

January or February?

Why, I’ve never thought about it.  (Deliberating…)  February, for it is closer to March and the glories of Spring.

Kids and their names?

No kids for me, cats rule our roost.  Paris and Milo.

Life is incomplete without…?

Good health, good friends, and good food.

Marriage date?

May 29, 1993

Number of siblings?

One sister + two brothers = 3

Oranges or apples?

Definitely apples, a Pink Lady, to be sure.

Phobias and fears?

None worth writing home about.

Quote for the day?

“The essence of pleasure is spontaneity.”  Germaine Greer

Reason to smile?

I can’t find a reason not to smile.


The cusp of summer in the month of June – the best!

Tag 3 people?

They’ll do it if they want.

Unknown fact about me?

Now why would I want to tell?

Vegetable you hate?

Beets have the bitter taste of dirt and bad memories.

Worst habit?

Not believing I’m good enough.

Xrays you’ve had?

Dental, mostly.

Your fave food?

Oh jeez, give me a time, mood, and place, and I’ll tell you.  I’m a particular lady.

Zodiac sign?

Gemini, the Twins.  Boy is it ever true!