Thoughts in the Emerald City

I believe in all that is luxe

and cities kitted out in their holiday best.

I believe

in luminous goodness

concealed in darkness,

in the impossible made true,

in old friends,

in pride whipping the sky,

and quiet roars

wrapped in moonlight.

I believe

in this home away from home,

made carefully by hand,

a place worthy of reflecting,

and spying what is ahead

the unexpected curves

and sights unseen

shared with love.

I believe in the power of music

to rock

and love

then and now

in utero,

life, and death.

I believe

the truth

is out there

and in here

and that great light


those who share it

by sea,

land, and air.

Come with me

to the place we all share

be yourself,

and stay.




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