Visiting Hours

Fooling around in the Yayoi Kusama works at the Mattress Factory, a contemporary art museum on Pittsburgh’s North Side. It is very unique in that it is about spaces, indoors and out, and the art isn’t hung on the walls, per se. It is drawn on them, holds them up; it’s strung hither and thither to the ceiling, the floor; it is a place to sit, an organized pile of chaos, an illusion, a light (or an absence of it), even sound. Wonderfully wondrous, a bit wild, too.

 Catso, Red

James Turrell

Winifred Lutz

We saved our visit here and the Carnegie (below) for the hubster’s parents to enjoy with us. Hello!

The Mattress Factory occupies a collection of neighborhood buildings. I spied a lobelia making the best of a crack in the pavement on our way to the next exhibit.

It makes me think of a Subterranean Homesick Alien, which always makes me happy.

Living Things

Jacob Douenias / Ethan Frier

This did not read this blue in person, but I like the look of it anyhow. Follow this link if you’d like to see a more accurate representation.

The Color of Temperance: Embodied Energy

Julie Shenkelberg

Shift Lens

Anne Lindberg

Even the shadows look like art.

Trace of Memory

Chiharu Shiota

City of Asylum

House Poem

Huang Xiang

Burma House

Khet Mar

Across the Allegheny for a delicious lunch break at The Porch (NO pictures! Shocking.) and a little tour of the Cathedral of Learning

Inside the Carnegie Museum

Having Fun/Good Life, Symptoms

Bruce Nauman

Triangular Solid with Circular Inserts Variation D

Dan Graham

Telling Vision #3

Tony Oursler

I don’t know who made this, but I sure like it.

Happy Friday!