We Have No Apple Today…

This is our house last April, right after having it painted the utterly perfect green color.  To the left is our ginormous apple tree, a few blossoms open.  Little did we know this would be the last spring for this marvelously productive tree.

We worried about the apple from the moment we moved into the house.  Someone had done some very strange shaping and the enormous root system made it appear as though the tree was planted about eight feet from it’s current location, then snaked on the ground to the right spot and allowed to grow, and grow, and grow.  The tree was tall and made tons and tons of apples.  I spent many a day lining them up along the front wall, ready for any passerby who had a hankering.  Then there was the time contemplating recipes for cider, apple butter, apple sauce, apple muffins, apple crisp, apple pie, apple cake, triple apple cake!  Sometimes it made my head spin.

Then, one day about a month ago, I was out front weeding and felt a certain springiness.  Had it been a spring in my step, I wouldn’t have worried.  I’m that kind of gal.  As I walked closer to the crazy roots, it increased, and I noticed a hole, small, but enough to signal trouble.  The tree was starting to heave out of the ground.  Thankfully it lasted through the awful wind storm.  Having it topple then would have been a rather big bummer.

This is our yard without it, a gaping space of light and emptiness.  I cried the day the men cut it down.  It had provided so much for us – a riot of beautifully scented blooms, a place to watch and feed the wildlife, shade, secrecy, wonderfully crisp apples, the opportunity to share with friends and strangers.  Thankfully there is always a silver lining.   It opens up the view of the house and provides us with the space for me to indulge in a sometimes obsessive love for cherries, especially the tart kind that are great for pies and drying.  Now I can have my very own tree!  I hope there is a dwarf variety to suit our small front yard.  I don’t want a repeat.  Think good thoughts, won’t ya?


  1. Amber’s avatar

    Oh Colleen, I feel for you. We’ve already had to cut two trees from our yard (they were each 40+ feet tall and about 2-3 feet away from our foundation) and we’re about to have our humongous, mammoth tree right out front chopped down. I feel like our house will look so naked! And I’m also worried what it will do to the rest of our yard–were you left with mounds and mounds of dirt everywhere? A nice cherry tree sounds delightful and will suit your house well.

  2. Mom’s avatar

    I really like the way the yard has been opened up by the loss (sadly) of your wonderful tree. I too cried when we had to do the same with our aging cottonwood, but there is a reason for these things. Our pine trees now have the room they always needed, the other cottonwood, leaning to find sunlight from the result of being planted too close to the other has straightened up, and the yard just looks, well, bigger. You will adjust to the new look, and after finding the perfect cherry tree revel in it’s boundless possibilities and yummy creations!!!

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