Portland Hill Walks: No. 16

What a great way to begin.  Do-si-do.

We actually completed this walk weeks ago, but this is the first I’ve gotten around to bringing the photos to you.  We were rather excited about this one, as it is pretty much our stomping grounds, Mt. Tabor and the surrounding neighborhoods.  What’s more, and I suppose, usual, is that we learned much that we didn’t know and walked streets we hadn’t seen.  Sure, we knew they were there, houses sprinkled in the distance of more familiar routes, sometimes daily ones, but it was such a treat to actually walk among them and marvel that there could be so many gems so close yet so hidden to us for the past twelve years.

I think that’s what the hubster and I like most about these books.  They give us the opportunity to take our blinders off.  So much of our lives are lived up close and with great convenience, speed, and efficiency in mind.  We don’t often give ourselves the time to take the long way home, make a “wrong” turn, or just plain wander.  Yet the rewards of doing so are plentiful and fine – gorgeous flowers, great views, and new four legged friends among the few.

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  1. Laura’s avatar

    Thanks for the comments about the walks! They were written for people like you. Love the photo of the boat, flower and sky. Beautiful! Here’s to more urban explorations in 2011.

  2. Lori’s avatar

    Have you ever been on a Portland Walking Tour downtown? We went on their culinary walk and it was cool I hear they have a chocolate walk too. :)

  3. Rena’s avatar

    Only in Portland would you find a stencil on the sidewalk saying “dance here”. Love the photos!

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