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Via Superhero Journal – What can you let go of in order to manifest that good thing in your life?

Having to understand everything.  Holy frijoles!  I become so incredibly bogged down by believing I need to have the answers.  Why must I know why something is happening instead of just observing that it is?   Why am I sick or healthy?  Why do I feel depressed or happy or angry or silly? 

Sure, it is nice to be aware and understand myself as a person, but sometimes it is so crippling that it prevents me from truly enjoying myself and actually living in the moment.  After all, this moment is the only one that is mine to experience, and then it’s gone. 

I can let go of needing to know the answers.  I can just be.  It feels good to see it in print. 

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  1. amber’s avatar

    I love this. I should print it out and stick it on my fridge so I will see it over and over again. Thanks for the inspiration.

    I hope our pack of wild kids didn’t spoil your Caldera dinner! :) Looking forward to seeing you tonight…

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