Amy Winehouse

Gosh, do I ever love this train wreck, though not the actual train wreck part.  I wince whenever I hear her name in the news.  Bless her heart, I sure hope she works out the myriad issues she’s got going on in her very young life because, man, oh man, can she sing!  At once tender and sweet, yet old and wise, too.  I guess that’s what makes it Rhythm & Blues.  Sometimes I play Back to Black on a loop, singing and dancing and dreaming of bouffant hair and thick eyeliner.  As a matter of fact, I think I’ll do that right now.  It’s pretty fine.



  1. Lori’s avatar

    Yes, this woman can sing can’t she?! She is sooooo talented but it’s too bad she will likely die young, of an overdose or something. I saw a concert of hers on TV recently and it was so embarrassing to watch.

  2. Jessica’s avatar

    Just heard her yesterday! Your thoughts are my thoughts…

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