Back to Front

It’s a rather happy and chill Sunday, my favorite “soft” Radiohead tunes playin’ on the hi-fi, singing, typing, the hubster working next to me, the cats on their respective cushions. We’re all fine here; how are you? Even a little nod to Han Solo. Indeedy.

So, photos. I’m a little snapper, like Pecker, maybe, but not quite. John Waters is an odd bird. I’m doing our weekend back to front, Memento style, maybe, with less confusion, at least I hope.

First, two minutes ago. The office/yoga studio, though you’ll see below that I am not afraid to bust a move in the kitchen. You’ll also see that we need to remove some bolts from shelves long gone and get a new layer of paint on the walls. No worries though, we’re on the fifty year plan. Chipping away.

That’s a Checker hood emblem, a 1978 to be precise. The owner of said automobile came out for a chat, hollering “Yoo-hoo!” after I snapped my photo. I don’t know which was better, spotting the car or having someone holler yoo-hoo like it was the Fifties. I told you it was an awesome day.

We saw this magnolia a few blocks before the Checker, and it wrapped us up in its scent, happy as Christmas.

Moss grows everywhere in these parts, everywhere.

Just in case you need a direction.

Or to feel safe. I’ve got you covered.

Our walk brought us here, two hungry bellies to magnetic north.

It’s a fine place to find yourself on a Sunday afternoon.

Right after you’ve gone bowling.

Or taken flight.

Or heard some siren song.

After an old school fill-up.

It’s all about balance, after all.

And not kicking the dishwasher.

While protecting your bacon from predators.

After a fine evening with friends and their adorable children, epic eating and catching up on the little bits that make a life.

And mixing their chalk art with ours.

Sitting in the warmth of the sun, listening to birdsong and a purring cat.


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