Hello friends!   Thanks for all of the well wishes.  I am feeling better, though my head still hurts a bit, yuck.  Soon it will be over.  I just know it.

As I am generally a woman of my word, here are, as promised, more peony pictures!  The first one is of the Coral Charm variety.  It gets enormous and ever so pale.  By the time the petals fall, it is a gorgeous peach champagne color.  I love it!

Next is the lovely Buckeye Belle.  She is the hubster’s favorite, but, sadly, didn’t make but two blooms this year.  Everyone else is going like gangbusters, so I guess she is a bit shy.  Hopefully she will break out of her shell next year.

I have no idea what this last variety is called, as I didn’t buy the plant from the Adelman Farm, so I am calling them Bubble Gum.  They look the part, don’t they?  I love them in that bright yellow vase, too, so happy!

Gilion – hopefully yours have started to bloom, though not all of mine have.  I’m lucky to have a long succession of beautiful flowers.  It is such a treat!

And Lori, your hubby is right, with peonies come ants.  Without them, there would be no flowers.  I am just very careful.   Before I bring the peonies in, I shake them pretty vigorously, then blow off any hangers-on.  It’s not generally a problem. Sometimes one will slip by me, but I just take the offender back outside and that’s that.

Now that I’ve got our heads full of beautiful flowers, has anyone ever visited Schreiner’s Iris Gardens?  I just visited their website, and it seems they aren’t too far from Adelman’s.  My friend Sarah and I saw the most exquisite orange colored iris while out walking the other day, and I would love to have one.  Perhaps I will venture out this weekend, and see what I can find.  Field trip!

Here’s hoping everyone’s day is full of flowers…


  1. Lori’s avatar

    I had no idea they came in so many varieties… They are certainly beautiful!

  2. Mom’s avatar

    Aren’t they all just beautiful…… the buds are big and ready to open here in Arvada, but haven’t seen a bloom yet. Hopefully this week… lots of hot weather promised. I have oodles of iris and they all smell so wonderful. Would love to have an orange variety also… that sounds intriguing.

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