Fruit Loop

Howdy-do from last Saturday and beautiful Hood River, more specifically, Apple Valley Country Store, my dear friend Lori’s family establishment. You’ll find every manner of yummy pie and preserve, ice cream, and, on the right day, delicious BBQ and a pear dumpling whose origin is likely heaven, as it tastes utterly divine.

We spent our day on the Fruit Loop and wandering Hood River, torrents of rain and gorgeous blue sky coming in wave after wave. We enjoyed some of my favorite hard cider, made from local apples, and tuna caught off the Oregon coast. We bought a really good rosemary garlic loaf at the Pine Street Bakery. Isn’t the rolling pin accent sweet?

One of the torrents of rain.

There were giant boxes of apples of every variety, and we learned that our backyard tree is an Old Fashioned Stripe Delicious. This is another variety that escapes my memory, but I could not resist a photo of a mama and baby apple. I’d never seen that before.

I sometimes forget that food comes from muddy & wild places.

There were many rainbows to be seen that day, but this one was my favorite.

Just look at that sky! Sun with a sense of impending doom.

Some of the best friends and companions I could ever ask for.

I shall never cease to be amazed at my own good fortune.