Inspired by Annie

I read Annie Liebovitz book At Work a few weeks ago.  Though I am not a professional, just happy to capture our everyday moments, I really enjoyed learning about how she came to be a photographer and the work itself – using strobe lighting, the various cameras, lenses, digital tricks, etc.   Mostly, I liked the pictures.

As I was reading, I lamented a little on the fact that I would never likely be able to afford to have her photograph my family, but, then, as I thought about it, I decided that I could try to do something for us, Annie style.

Something I admire about her work is the quality of her not actually being there.  I love the intimate photographs of people, those almost private moments.  This is what I was going for in this photo.  I like that we’ve just woken up and were both a bit disheveled.  I like the light of the lamp and the way that Milo is itching to get away because that is really how it is at our house.  We have these moments of great closeness, and then they are gone.


  1. Kelli’s avatar

    That is such a sweet photo. Ms. L would be impressed.

  2. Mom’s avatar

    We liked the ones you sent to us…. it captures the spirit of the moment. (Milo looks determined to leave!)

  3. sarah’s avatar

    This a beautiful photo. Very Annie L.

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