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I know it sounds terribly cliche, but this is a brutal tour de force, a story of the rare variety that is so horrible, yet so captivating, it boggles the mind.  Loosely based on fact, follow the roller coaster ride of a very few brave men searching for the truth behind the vicious killings of the Yorkshire Ripper and the disappearances of young school girls over a fifteen year period.  At the center is a police force beleaguered by ineptitude, beastly violence, greed, and corruption, where truth and justice are secondary to maintaining an unwritten code of honor.  It is shocking and abhorrent, and there was much covering of the eyes and ears in disbelief, disgust, and fear.  We stayed up late and stole moments where we could to see it end and mercifully so. Well written, beautifully filmed, and vividly portrayed, I don’t think you can ask for more of a thriller.  Well worth the five hours!

In yoga, much like an ice cream cone or a stiff drink after a hard day, postures are followed by counter poses to maintain equanimity.  A series of back bends without inversions (my favorites!) or forward bends and I am smarting with tight muscles and discomfort the next day.  With that in mind, I bring you It’s Kind of a Funny Story, for there has to be something light after the creepy darkness of the Red Riding Trilogy.  Seriously.  Though this story isn’t without sadness and fear, it is hopeful and left me smiling.  To borrow the title, it is kind of a funny story (there were some tears shed) about a high school boy battling depression, a whole lot of stress, and a strong desire to end his life.  Rather than do that, he checks himself into a psych ward and learns, through the lens of others’ pain, that his life, however mired it might be, could be a lot worse.

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    We share the same thoughts and feelings as you in viewing “Red Riding Trilogy”. It was almost too hard to watch and yet, we just HAD to know what was going to happen. Beastly, yes, gross, yes, but still, worth the time spent.

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