The rain gods, after only one tiny trace of moisture over an eighty-five day period, decided that Friday was THE day. Full on. And I happily tramped around in it with my friend McKenzie. We enjoyed bubble tea, stimulating conversation, and admired art on both sides of the river. A perfect afternoon, truth be told.

And, as is my way, I took photos of all that struck me, and wondered, why am I not the person who thinks to put googly eyes on a soap dispenser?

Or to paint the palm of my hand and leave my traces along Alberta?

What kind of person am I?

I love dioramas. Worlds contained.

And reflections. Look! There we are.

I like finding beauty in ubiquity and adding my own touch.

Seeing familiar places from a different angle.

Neon. My good-ness. I love neon.

And bridges.

And watching the world go by.

 And looking up.

And laughing so hard that water squirts from my mouth, which only makes me laugh harder.

What does that say about me?


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