The Egg That Changed My Life…

To be more precise, the preparation of what is left of my egg.  Raised by our friends’ hen, I might add.  I should also mention that I am not engaging in hyperbole.  This simple recipe knocked my socks clean off (now that is some hyperbole!).  I don’t know if you, like me, sometimes have a struggle with egg preparation, specifically, over-easy.  It can be over-difficult and not at all pretty.  Maybe there’s not quite enough butter or oil in the pan; maybe I let it go a tad long; maybe the turn of the wrist isn’t just right, and out oozes the yolk.

Well, my friends, this solves all of those problems, is beyond easy (no flipping!), and the final product looks like something served at a restaurant.  Here’s the score:

butter or olive oil – enough to lightly coat the bottom of the pan

Egg (s)

1 tablespoon water for every egg

Heat oil or butter in a small fry pan over medium heat.  Have a lid or a plate large enough to cover the pan on the ready.  When the butter bubbles somewhat briskly but does not burn, add an egg or two.  I haven’t tried three but am pretty confident it would work fine.  Once the bottom of the egg has cooked, meaning it is no longer translucent, add the water.  Immediately cover with the lid or plate, and wait one minute.  Remove the lid and slip the egg out of the pan. It will look gorgeous, and the texture, almost creamy, definitely delectable.

I should note that I found this method over at Duckspoon, (in the breakfast category – basted eggs) a terrific and very informative website focused on home cooking.  They have a quick video if you want to watch the magic!  I would also like to mention that Daniel, the man behind Duckspoon, is an ever so kind and skilled bartender at one of our favorite restaurants, the Country Cat.  He does good things with whiskey.

It’s actually sunny here, so I better get it while the getting is good.


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  1. Mom’s avatar

    It’s never too late to learn something new… will have to try it tomorrow.

  2. Martha’s avatar

    Well, this looked like something even I could do. Soooo …. I discovered that two minutes cooks two eggs beautifully, tho with firm yolks. Next time I’ll remember the one minute and go for gooey. (was too lazy to double check your instructions this morning, but came close)
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Greg’s avatar

    I can vouch for this egg. Very, very good. Getting that ‘over-easy’ without having to flip them is great.

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