Ella and Louis Sing Gershwin

Okay, so it’s another cubic zirconia day, but I am noticing is is kind of pretty and definitely sparkly under our moisture laden Portland sky, which is certainly progress.  I spent a lot of time in bed this morning, thinking about ways that I sabotage myself with old, underlying beliefs that are not in the least bit based in reality.  It was a good exercise, making me both laugh and cry at the ways I look at the ebb and flow that is my life: loving, loathing, embracing, and condemning.  As well, I followed this mental work with a bit of physical exercise, too, getting sweaty on the rowing machine in the basement.  Like I quoted Isak Dinesen in a previous post – “The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears, or the sea.”  I definitely got the first two.  Yessiree.

Maybe I’ll make an addendum to her quotation to add Ella and Louis to the salt water, for boy do they ever make it an exquisite glass of thirty-year-old port, one to be savored over the whole of the evening.  Delicious!  Never have I been in such a state of lowness that I couldn’t be cajoled into smiling, dancing, singing, and crying a few tears upon hearing their lovely voices.  Not sad tears, mind you, only the oh my gosh are these people talented variety.  Simply put, my admiration for each is heightened when they sing (they were pretty neat to begin with), especially together.  Every note and phrase fine.  Lightning in a bottle – medicinal, magical.  Get it here!



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    I have been having a lot of days like this lately too. Maybe it has something to do with the change of seasons… but that is probably just an easy way out, to give myself permission to feel blah. And for a certain time frame that is okay, but not a full time excuse. I have been quite introspective over the past few weeks and have been spending time trying to define my excuses, my crutches… the way I sabotage myself. As long as I learn from the introspective and don’t dwell on it too long. One thing I know to do when I get this way is to have distractions so that I don’t let the blah take hold. So this week I am trying to be use my introspection to spur me forward, focusing on what I would like to learn more about, what are my strengths, how can I get past my fear etc… A bit wordy of a comment. Just know you aren’t alone in your cubic zirconia days : )

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    I’ll bet this is a great CD, especially with the Gershwin thrown in. Have always had a soft spot for Ella. Enjoy the one we have called “Ella Swings Softly with Nelson “(Riddle). One of my faves. Need to pull it out again and give it a listen.Glad that music has the healing quality for you that we all need from time to time. So easy… put it on, play and listen, feel better. Like you say, Magical.

    Love You……… Mom

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