Portland City Walks: No. 4

It’s funny how a three-day weekend throws me off of my blogging game.  Not that I am complaining (no way!), just observing, for it was a long and lovely weekend, to be sure.  The highlight was this walk and learning ever more about this city I love so much.  I also spent a fruitful afternoon in the garden, tidying and readying for the spring to come.  Though not today, our forecasters say we are getting snow this evening, a rather BIG to do in these parts, possibly six inches on-the-valley-floor.  We’ll see.  Just in case, I’ve got the crock pot going with vegetarian chili goodness and a box of my favorite Jiffy cornbread (the cheapest and best) for dinner.  Sturdy food for sturdy times.  What a mantra!

Anyhoo, to the walk.  This is Irvington, probably the most posh neighborhood on Portland’s east side, with Eastmoreland a very close second (sadly, it doesn’t have a walk – how about it Laura O. Foster?).  It is beautiful, with quite a few stunning and truly grand homes, some mansions even, the majority built before WWII, and still looking rather divine.  These two are among the oldest, dating to the early 1890s.  Can you imagine being the one to paint them?  Oy, that’s a lot of detail.  By the way, the last two photos are not actually in Irvington, just in case archaeologists find this blog and decide to start walking.  Pause Kitchen is one of our favorite eateries, a place we always manage to visit after long walks or drives, with ravenous bellies speaking well before we do.  It’s well worth a hop, skip, and a jump across town.  The very last speaks for itself, perhaps, as the hubster needed some bike accessories for the commute, which is going well, by the way.

Not so random thoughts:


A tree named after me…




Making Friends

Spring Pink

Well Trained

Going Vertical

Nap Interrupted

Maker’s Mark

Wait Here

Sky Blue

Getting Spiritual

Pause Kitchen

Gear Up

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Laura’s avatar

    Great photos in a favorite neighborhood. Thanks! I’ll get right on that Eastmoreland thing.


  2. Mom’s avatar

    It is so nice that you were able to get out and enjoy such a beautiful day and take in the amazing sights in your city. And so nice to see that Spring is on it’s way as evidenced by the awakening of flora and fauna there. Life is beautiful, isn’t it?!!

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