Road Trip: Bloomington, Indiana

On our way to Columbus (Indiana, not Ohio) I spied a sign for Bloomington and went into paroxysms of glee. For, though I don’t recall if I have ever mentioned it here, the fine fil-um Breaking Away is among our favorites of all time, and was made in and around Bloomington. So seeing that sign, and taking that 45 minute diversion, was like winning a lottery I never even entered.

We tooled around, looking for places we remembered with fondness and finding other cool sights, too. Bloomington is a great town. We wandered the Indiana University Campus, admiring the beautiful buildings, many of which are made of limestone quarried locally (go Cutters!). We were mistaken for parents, which was fine by us, especially since we’d be super proud of our fictional son or daughter attending such a fine institution. They have an observatory! Any school equipped for serious star-gazing gets the Colleen Sohn stamp of approval. Yessiree.

Oh, and the yummy cupcakes, strawberry and chocolate, were from a most excellent bakery, The Scholars Inn. Do stop in if ever you find yourself in the neighborhood!