Thirty-Six I

Thirty-six hours, that is, driving, hiking, soaking, exploring; me and the hubster, the hubster and me. Part one begins in Florissant, at the Fossil Beds National Monument. Did you know there were giant redwoods in Colorado a bajlllion (maybe a slight exaggeration) years ago? The above photo is two fine specimens fossilized by the mud flow of a serious volcanic eruption. By expert estimation, the trees were 230 feet tall and 500 – 700 years old. Jeepers. There are others, but they didn’t photograph terribly well. Sigh.

These flowers appear much, much smaller in person. T I N Y.

Abert Squirrel on the run!

Adeline Hornbek Homestead. A real go-getter, Adeline lost two husbands and two homes, but managed, at a time when women rarely owned property, to purchase 160 acres and successfully homestead. Impressive!

Look at the clouds.

Quite possibly my favorite mountain town.


These caterpillars will turn into Milkweed Tussock Moths

Emphasis is M I N E. View of the Sangre de Christos from our door at Joyful Journey Hot Springs. GO!

I added this photo, not because it is beautiful (definitely not), but for the story. When I peered out the window of our rented room to see if any stars were out, there was a GIANT Great Horned Owl perched on the dead branch of a tree. I hollered (excited-like, not mean-like) at the hubster that we should skeedaddle outside so he could enjoy it, and I could photograph it. The moment I raised my camera, it was off like a shot. Dinner was calling, apparently.