Symbols do not dirty,

but endure, embraced by moss and surrender.

Punctuated by memories larger than life, clear and sure as the sky.

Always there, guiding in ways large and small.

Standing the test of time.

The blue light special twenty-two summers hence.

The tall shadows.

The ripe fruits

And blending of textures that make up a life.

See beyond what lies ahead.

Forget that you have changed.

Measure only the weight of the present moment,

No matter the color,

For there is always love, light,

And lemony hues of sun and flowers to come.

Just there, more memories.

Some fuzzy.

Then clear.

Touch them before they are gone

And replaced by the barrow full

With lofty dreams

Of new places

Hanging like gifts

Buried like treasure

But always home.

In loving memory of sweet Patsy:

You made my tea with milk and warmed my heart.

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    Sob. Hug. Love!


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    Very beautiful both in words and images…..

    Love to you et al.

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