May 10, 2013

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Peony season is upon us a little early, thanks be to a long stint of dry and warm weather.

I am wishing for rain and dreaming about horseback riding.

The strawberries are ripening, but some little creature is beating us to the punch when it comes to actually eating them. We may have to start getting up earlier.

My palms are sweaty.

I hurt my wrist, gardening, of all things, so rather than practice yoga and re-injure myself, I have been walking, complete with wide-brimmed hat or parasol. Though this morning, I danced, a wild thunder of stomps and shakes.

Listening to the Black Angels and Devendra Banhart. Happiness.

My favorite little boy visited on Wednesday, and as we were eating lunch, he moved quite close and said, “You aren’t old, but you have a lot of old hairs on your head.”

That same day, in related not-old news, I flew a kite!