November 2011

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It is in the shelter of each other that the people live.

Irish Proverb

Happy Thanksgiving!


The Fine Print

You stop in your tracks,

Thinking you know me.

I do not have another half.

No soul mirrors mine.

I have scratched and clawed and bitten for this tenuous grasp.

I cannot let it go.

Your confidence.

Your smile.

The way laughter spills easily from your mouth.

How did you arrive at that place?

No border

Nor barrier

Pulpy heart beating for all to see.

If I remove this thin veil,

My nakedness will show

And perhaps that I am a fool

And lived my days


For the me I’ve only just discovered in you.


Art & Letters is a collaboration:

Water color by Maren Jensen

Interpreted by Colleen Sohn


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All that we behold is full of blessings.

William Wordsworth

Thinking of you, Wendy!

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For Keith

In seventh grade, I liked you, and we hung out at the Harvest Festival.  You took a jab at me, “Muscle weighs more than fat, you know.”  But then you offered me your coat when I was cold, that shiny red satin with Arvada emblazoned on the back and your name stitched on the front.  My heart soared, and our friendship was sealed.

Later and always, we would talk The Rolling Stones, dreaming of going to concerts, singing all the lyrics we could remember, and you doing your best Mick Jagger.  The Stones are playing as I type this, “Take me to the station and put me on a train…”  And my heart aches to think you won’t be passing this way again.

Another time, I sat in the front of Mark Carpenter’s old and lovely Mustang, discussing baseball and the fuel efficiency of speed limits while you fooled around in the back with a friend.  She would break your heart a little and in that break mine.  You deserved better.

Then, best of all, in college we ran into each other on the street in downtown Denver, sunshine and not a cloud in the sky.  The timing was right, and we spent the hours before sunset strolling the streets, laughing, talking, reminiscing, and dreaming before disappearing from each other’s lives.

I am grateful for that day and the other remembered bits, too, your sweet smile, that way you shuffled your feet, your fine penmanship, that rock star autograph, and your mad math skills.  The worst bit?  That I never told you, but hope you knew somewhere in your heart, all the same.  The Salt of the Earth you were.  May you find Satisfaction and Shelter in the sweet hereafter.


Happy Tuesday Peeps.

I finished the cowl!  Good for hiding, goofing, and warming.  I am uber (no, I did not mean Buber?!) pleased at the results, my first successful knitting project, huzzah!  Here’s what I did if you’d like to replicate:

Cast on 32 sts (or another multiple of 8 ) on number 11 (8mm) needles, then knit and purl until it’s the length you like.  Cast off and sew the ends together.  Take goofy photos.  Be happy.  Repeat, if desired.

I hope this is obvious, but just in case, repeat each set of directions until the end of the row.

Row 1: P1, K7

Row 2 and 8: K1, P5, K1, P1

Row 3 and 7: K2, P1, K3, P1, K1

Rows 4 and 6: P2, K1, P1, K1, P3

Row 5: K4, P1, K3

The photos remind me, I am nearly ready for the big bathroom reveal!  About time, huh?  Thanks to one set of crapper-doodle plumbers (and a good one to fix them all), this is the project that goes on and on till the break of dawn.  But we are nearly there, for reals!  I will be putting up art this weekend and then turning the den of the porcelain throne into a major paparazzi center.  Stay tuned…

Oh, and I thought I would share a photo of my favorite bicycle commuter.  Surprise!  I am waiting for you cutie pie.  Now gimme a kiss!

Wait, wait!  One more thing, click here for the awesome Jimmy Fallon singing, a la Doors, the theme song to Reading Rainbow.  The man is awesome…


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