December 2023

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Do the roots reveal everything to the branches, or do they keep what is painful to themselves?



The journey of a leaf doesn’t end in its escape. Leaves dance on the wind, swirling and spinning, greeting the ground tenderly. They entertain us by crunching beneath our feet. In time, they’ll break down and make the soil more fertile. Similarly, things we release find new value. They nourish what will be grown in the future.

Ahriana Platten, Ph.D


Hey there! Happy second snow in a week day. What day is is for you? Sunny, rainy, maybe snow, too? What ever the case I hope it is great. We did a stellar workout AND shoveled, so I am (was – this was yesterday) simultaneously strong and sore, but oh, is it pretty out!

Did someone say treat???

Also note the protective parent status here. A fleece and a coat. We are sometimes embarrassing, absolutely, yes.

Jett came for a sleepover! He did not enjoy a white knuckle drive of scary roads, but we made it all better with strawberry margaritas, a host of tasty meals, homemade fudge, puzzle making, movie watching…

And soap making, hence the protective garb. Lye is no joke, peeps. I love that mine are identical to the memory of my Dad’s safety glasses of my childhood, while Jett aspires to 70s science teacher status.

The second snow!

Not the puzzle we made with Jett, which was beautiful birds of the world, but very much of the season. This one is a keeper.

Happy Friday! Happy Holidays!


Failures are the directions to discovery.

Steven Magee



Dare to love yourself
as if you were a rainbow
with gold at both ends.