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This is what you must be like. Grow wherever life puts you down.

Ben Okri


A dear friend wrote to me about that last post, worried that I was feeling down. First off, what a wonderful outpouring of love! Thank you, Hef. Second, as I told him, I really wasn’t sad when I wrote it. I felt strong and empowered, ready to shed the downers and meanies from my life. It’s a good thing. I promise. Here’s to growth!



When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. – Maya Angelou

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. – Unknown

I am learning, both the potency and urgency of these quotations. A little late in the game, maybe. Maybe right on time. Either way, I’m ready. Ready to have relationships that nourish rather than drain. That uplift rather than crush. That embrace rather than judge.

I am paying C A R E F U L attention. I am listening. Hearing all of your words. Observing all of your actions.

It used to be that I brushed aside small criticisms of my person. Large criticisms, too. Slights. I made excuses. I didn’t believe, without articulating it as such, that I deserved better. That I deserved kindness and respect. That others were more important than me, my thoughts, my feelings.

Times have changed. Show me who you are, and I will believe you NOW, the first time. For some, it may be the 100th. But it will be the last.

These words, seen so clearly, seem a bit harsh to my eyes. But when I look back on the hurts and failed relationships of my past, where I was disrespected and unappreciated, I know I need their simplicity, their clarity.

I’m ready for all the goodness and light I deserve.

See you on the other side. Or maybe not…

Thirty-Six II

Sun and steam rising at the hot springs. They have teepees and a geodesic dome and positively stunning views, all the live-long day.

A jaunt to Crestone, where the views are equally stunning! I love the time someone took to cut and paint trees, hearts, apples, and that sweet bird in the fence. We were fortunate enough to visit on market day, buying a delicious smoked trout quiche (locally caught!), a chocolate coconut bar, and organic Palisade peaches (the best!). Our wandering also brought us to the Crestone Artisans Gallery where we bought a painting of Mount Challenger. It’s a beauty!

Jangchub Chorten

Stupa of Enlightenment

Sipping iced lattes (with cubes made from coffee – the tops!) at the Mirage Trading Post in Moffat. What a sweet spot. In addition to fine service and beverages, they have some really beautiful art. Had we not already treated ourselves in Crestone, I would have made a purchase.

These funny sculptures were at a gas station along Colorado 17. There were two boys, probably about twelve years old, mowing the lawn, one teaching the other. It was incredibly sweet to witness.

Rough Mountain and Mount Maestas

The Spanish Peaks


U S A !!


Thirty-Six I

Thirty-six hours, that is, driving, hiking, soaking, exploring; me and the hubster, the hubster and me. Part one begins in Florissant, at the Fossil Beds National Monument. Did you know there were giant redwoods in Colorado a bajlllion (maybe a slight exaggeration) years ago? The above photo is two fine specimens fossilized by the mud flow of a serious volcanic eruption. By expert estimation, the trees were 230 feet tall and 500 – 700 years old. Jeepers. There are others, but they didn’t photograph terribly well. Sigh.

These flowers appear much, much smaller in person. T I N Y.

Abert Squirrel on the run!

Adeline Hornbek Homestead. A real go-getter, Adeline lost two husbands and two homes, but managed, at a time when women rarely owned property, to purchase 160 acres and successfully homestead. Impressive!

Look at the clouds.

Quite possibly my favorite mountain town.


These caterpillars will turn into Milkweed Tussock Moths

Emphasis is M I N E. View of the Sangre de Christos from our door at Joyful Journey Hot Springs. GO!

I added this photo, not because it is beautiful (definitely not), but for the story. When I peered out the window of our rented room to see if any stars were out, there was a GIANT Great Horned Owl perched on the dead branch of a tree. I hollered (excited-like, not mean-like) at the hubster that we should skeedaddle outside so he could enjoy it, and I could photograph it. The moment I raised my camera, it was off like a shot. Dinner was calling, apparently.



Dare to be strong and courageous. That is the road. Venture anything.

Sherwood Anderson


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