June 2021

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Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived, stop thinking and go in.

Napoleon Bonaparte


When I gardened in Portland, I could generally expect plants to reach their potential the year after putting them into the ground. Here in Colorado Springs, it takes a good three years for plants to equal that size and maturity. How different life is in the high desert, with our house perched at a majestic 7000 feet. But, alas, it does happen, and this is THE year! The garden, and the peonies in particular, are the best they’ve ever been, with giant beautiful blossoms currently bursting. I am taking in the scent of my favorite coral charm, on my birthday, of all wondrous days. The one, this year, that I turned FIFTY.

We celebrated with a trip to Mirch Masala and the i-Cool rolled ice cream spot because that is exactly what I was craving. At 50, I really know what I do and do not want, and have no qualms about expressing myself.

I have found that I am more at peace than I have ever been, on every level. I know what I can and cannot control in my life, what is worthy of fussing over, and what is best left ignored (annoying neighbors and stressful news on the very top of the list). A new level of freedom, truly.

I have also made peace with my body, realizing how perfect it once was with me utterly blind to it, to recognizing its current state with deep affection. The softer belly, sturdy legs coupled with weaker knees, strong arms, eyes blurry close-up and wholly capable of spying movement far afield, and feet that prefer solid orthotics. Oh, and the wrinkles and thousands of grey hairs weaving a mystical topographic map of my wondrous life of adventure.

Most of all, you will not be surprised to read, I remain luckiest in love. Greg is the best partner, friend, and cuddler I could ever have conjured with a magic wand. Our life together is one for the ages.

I have no platitudes for you… Every day of your lives is practice in becoming the person you want to be. No instantaneous miracle is suddenly going to occur and make you brave and courageous and true.

Audre Lorde


Some recent hikes in the great outdoors of Colorado Springs! Gosh, is it pretty right now, everything verdant and Colorado lush (a rainforest, we are not).

We spent this past weekend with our friend Jeff, eating like royalty, with Greg grilling burgers, and going all out at our mutual favorite 503 W. There was much game playing, of course (Letters from White Chapel, Fistful of Meeples, and an Exit game), lively conversation, chilling on the back porch, walking the dog, listening to our favorite tunes, while generally reveling in each other’s fine company. Living the life…

Grandma Tess Rose – rosa spinosissima
iris smelling like grapes
rock rose
more iris!
a volunteer penstemon
our pink lilac, which always blooms later than the others
wild daisy or aster?
happy faced pansy
still not sure…
pavement rose
The front garden, June 7, 2021 8:50 a.m.
The front garden, June 2018

Hello, hello!

I spent the morning in the garden, weeding and trimming, and spreading the second-to-last bit of delivered mulch. It rained, hale and hearty, yesterday, filling the air with the sweetness of earth and flowers and pine, and making today’s garden extra lush and gorgeous.

How about that last photo? How tiny everything was. The garden has grown by leaps and bounds!!


I’d like to dedicate this post to Daniel, our letter carrier, who died rather unexpectedly. Always kindly and helpful, and quick to smile. He will be missed.


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