August 2015

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The Weekend I

Up early Friday morning for a drive north. Cool and quiet, the sun only just rising to burn through a layer of fog. I squealed at the sight of it. The world is full of marvels.

Lake Erie, our first stop in an incredibly action packed weekend, and a jaunt on the wonderfully picturesque Presque Isle peninsula. Still fairly early in the day, we nearly had the beach to ourselves, and I wished that we could have stayed forever; it was so perfect. Our first time at a Great Lake, the pair of us stood in wonder at the size of it, the Canadian shore well beyond the Earth’s curve and the sight of our eyes. So much water!

More water at the shore in Jamestown and Chautauqua Lake in New York. Growing up just over twenty miles from Boulder, Colorado and it’s own Chautauqua, I was keen on seeing another. How beautiful they both are! Jamestown is also the childhood home of Lucille Ball, which splains (a la Ricky Ricardo) the fabulous mural.

The hubster and I, at once thrifty and adventurous, have yet to pay a road toll, preferring the slower pace, tricky directions, and marvelous rewards of of the less travelled route. Which brings us to the last photo and our final stop of the day, our wonderfully out of the way airbnb in Amherst, New York. Up next, it’s Buffalo and Niagara Falls!


When I am world weary and heart heavy but cannot escape this mad collection of bridges, hills, and gulches, I head to the Phipps. I wander, my fingers skimming, searching for scent, my eyes alighting and darting, delighted and eager as butterflies, from plant to plant to plant. The stubborn knots of my troubled soul are loosened by the order and wickedness of nature, where all are needed, all are beautiful, yet none are spared the end. The vanilla of orchids, the whoosh of air on silken leaves, the hum of bees and wasps, and flower after flower nodding in surrender and approval. We are one.


Fooling around in the Yayoi Kusama works at the Mattress Factory, a contemporary art museum on Pittsburgh’s North Side. It is very unique in that it is about spaces, indoors and out, and the art isn’t hung on the walls, per se. It is drawn on them, holds them up; it’s strung hither and thither to the ceiling, the floor; it is a place to sit, an organized pile of chaos, an illusion, a light (or an absence of it), even sound. Wonderfully wondrous, a bit wild, too.

 Catso, Red

James Turrell

Winifred Lutz

We saved our visit here and the Carnegie (below) for the hubster’s parents to enjoy with us. Hello!

The Mattress Factory occupies a collection of neighborhood buildings. I spied a lobelia making the best of a crack in the pavement on our way to the next exhibit.

It makes me think of a Subterranean Homesick Alien, which always makes me happy.

Living Things

Jacob Douenias / Ethan Frier

This did not read this blue in person, but I like the look of it anyhow. Follow this link if you’d like to see a more accurate representation.

The Color of Temperance: Embodied Energy

Julie Shenkelberg

Shift Lens

Anne Lindberg

Even the shadows look like art.

Trace of Memory

Chiharu Shiota

City of Asylum

House Poem

Huang Xiang

Burma House

Khet Mar

Across the Allegheny for a delicious lunch break at The Porch (NO pictures! Shocking.) and a little tour of the Cathedral of Learning

Inside the Carnegie Museum

Having Fun/Good Life, Symptoms

Bruce Nauman

Triangular Solid with Circular Inserts Variation D

Dan Graham

Telling Vision #3

Tony Oursler

I don’t know who made this, but I sure like it.

Happy Friday!


I remembered that the real world was wide, and that a varied field of hopes and fears, of sensations and excitements, awaited those who had the courage to go forth into its expanse, to seek real knowledge of life amidst its perils.

Charlotte Bronte



1970 Monte Carlo

1956 Buick Roadmaster

1950 Frazer

Je suis pret means I am ready!

1963 Cadillac

Hello fellow yinzers! If you are interested in cars and are available anywhere from 5 – 9, please do yourself a favor and go to the Starlite Car Cruise that is happening tonight in Wexford. We met our friend Kristen (Can you see your reflection in the Nova picture?) last week for the festivities and had a thoroughly good time. It is a rather huge affair, with row upon row of amazing autos of all ages and a small section of motorcycles, too. We went on Pontiac night (tonight is trucks), and I was incredibly happy to drool over many a beautiful GTO, though I didn’t get a decent picture of one because of shadows and open hoods and such. Wah!

They also have a good selection of snacks and drinks (I recommend the kettle corn), so it’s okay to arrive hungry. It’s also right by a few restaurants; we enjoyed dinner at the Dive but the #15 plate at Forgotten Taste is pretty terrific, too. The Giant Eagle Market District shopping center at Pine Township is also across the road, so you know, you can mix business with pleasure. We did.

Alright, pitch over. However you spend your evening, I hope it is lovely!


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